AT DXPPAC, we offer all students the opportunity to perform at Spring recital.  However, for those who want to perform more than once each year, DanceXpressions offers Performance Team.  The DXPPAC Performance Team represents DXPPAC at local functions, nursing homes, parades, and events throughout the community.  They have even performed at  the half-time show for the Harlem Globetrotters basketball game!  Each child learns a sense of service as they help with these events.  (This program is not the competition team- DXPPAC Company.)

Students wanting to be a member of Performance Team must audition , be accepted and commit to the requirements.  Students on Performance Team are also required to take specific classes that will propel their artistic expertise.   Auditions for 2019-2020 have already occurred, however, newly enrolling students may look forward to 2020-2021 Performance Team auditions in April 2020.

Why audition for Performance Team? 

Students on Performance Team will grow in God’s love for each other, for performing arts, in maturity, teamwork skills, discipline, and integrity.  Your child will feel accepted, special and loved as a part of an amazing family of performers.  You will see them blossom, beam with joy, and grow into incredible artists as they are held to higher expectations designed to ultimately prepare them for the world at large.  These programs are designed to grow with your child, even to the point of a professional dance career, so that DXPPAC may be your forever dance home.

 Please email or call 540-395-1928 for more information about this program and team.


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