Studio Policies

Privacy Policy- DanceXpressions LLC does not share customer’s personal

or financial information.

The policies of DanceXpressions were designed to promote an organized, professional studio and to create a positive learning environment for your child. By following these policies you will help create the best dance experience possible for you and your family.

Studio Management/ Communication

Class Semesters:  DanceXpressions holds classes within 3 different semesters- Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring, and Summer Session.  Class schedules generally do not change between Fall/Winter and Winter/Spring semesters unless necessary.

Class Placement:  DanceXpressions places students in class according to dance knowledge and ability within each genre of dance, so that every student learns and advances at their own pace.  Social development and maturity are secondary factors when considering class placement.

Business Matters:  Sharon Cooksey, office staff, and all our instructors are available to assist all our families with their questions, needs, and with any concerns.  Sharon and the front desk staff are your main points of contact regarding any business matters.  Please ask at the front desk for Sharon’s available times should you wish to speak with her.

Communicating with Instructors:  We work very hard to communicate effectively and to keep our parents and dancers informed of studio events/happenings.  Please ask to speak with any of us regarding studio events, scheduling, the dance studio, or your dancer’s progress by visiting the front desk to determine an available time for your instructor.  This way, we can focus our  attention on you and your dancer, rather than rushing to answer a question in-between classes.

Parent/Director-Teacher Conferences:  We at DanceXpressions believe that structure and communication are key to a successful and joyous learning experience.  We want to hear how each individual student feels as they progress through the year, and we want an opportunity to help shape their desired dance path with our professional expertise.  Therefore, DanceXpressions holds 2 parent/Director-teacher conferences during the year- once in December, at the end of our Fall-Winter semester, and once toward the end of our spring semester, in May.

These conferences are designed to touch base with all our parents and families regarding student progress, developmental achievements, current challenges, and dancer needs.  The meetings help shape each students’ future path in the direction they wish to go.  (These conferences will be held mainly by the Studio Director, and may or may not involve all instructors depending upon their availability.)

Studio Space Etiquette

Lobby/Waiting Area: DanceXpressions promotes and encourages a positive, family atmosphere.  When in common areas, please remember that “little ears” or impressionable ears may be present- even if not seen.  Please keep discussion to appropriate topics for a family environment.  In addition, help us maintain a positive learning environments by following the Golden Rule and refraining from negative comments regarding other students and instructors.  Any personal concerns should be discussed with the Studio Director in private, and such discussions are encouraged as we want all our families to feel valued within the studio.

Food and drink are allowed in the Waiting Areas and hallway.  Please clean up after any meals or snacks, throw away trash, and wipe up any spills.  Thank you.

Dance Studio Floors: Within our dance areas, only proper dance shoes are allowed.  No street shoes may be worn due to the expense and sensitivities of the flooring material.  No food or drink EXCEPT water will be allowed inside any dance area.

Dress Code:  Appropriate dancewear according to the DanceXpressions dress code is required for all classes. Proper dancewear allows our instructors to see body alignment, movement, and lines of a dancer in order to appropriately correct and teach.  It is also a sign of respect within the classroom.  If a student is not dressed appropriately and according to dress code, they will be reminded of this code twice.  At the third warning, the student will be asked to sit and watch class. T-shirts, jewelry, excessively holey tights, and lack of dance shoes are not considered appropriate dance wear.

As a part of the DanceXpressions dress code, each dancer’s hair must be tied back and secured tightly.  We require tightly secured, bobby–pinned buns for all ballet classes. Hair nets are encouraged.

Dropping off and picking up dancers:  Parents are welcome to drop their child off for dance class or wait in our waiting area. Please make every effort to be on time to pick up your child after class as we cannot guarantee staff will be available to watch waiting children. Please contact the studio if this is ever going to be a concern.

Social Media Courtesy:  In order to protect the privacy and safety of our students and their families, please refrain from posting onto social media any photographs of other children or families at DanceXpressions events without having gotten the permission of an adult within that family.

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Attendance Policy:  

Attendance and Tardiness: Please make every effort to attend every class and arrive on time or a few minutes early. Good and timely attendance is imperative in order to reduce distractions, progress the entire class at the same pace, and to encourage good warm-up and stretch habits that help prevent injury.

Illness and Injury:  DanceXpressions requests that parents follow the standards prescribed by school systems in determining if there child is too sick to attend class.  If a child has a fever over 100 degrees or contagious medical diagnosis, please keep him/her home.  Please communicate to Sharon if your child has or has been exposed to any communicable illness or concern that has in turn, exposed others in the studio.  Your privacy will be respected.

If a dancer has a physical injury requiring medical attention that could affect their ability to dance, a medical release note is necessary prior to continuing lessons.

Make-Up Class Policy:  If for any reason your child cannot attend class or is asked to sit out of class, they are encouraged to attend a make-up class within a  month. Please see staff at the front desk for proper make up class placement.  Tuition refunds will not be given for missed classes.  Please see our Tuition Refund policy.

Tuition Payments:  Tuition payments are due the 1st of every month and are considered late if paid by the 6th of the month or afterwards.  Tuition payments received the 6th of the month or later will receive a $35.00 late fee.  Tuition payments 15 days or more overdue will unfortunately result in student suspension from classes.

Pro-rated Tuition:  Tuition will be pro-rated for those students/families joining classes after the first full week of the month.

Insufficient Funds:  Tuition or additional studio payments returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a $35.00 redeposit fee as well as a $35.00 late fee if settled after the 6th of the month.

Tuition Refunds:  Because DanceXpressions has a liberal make-up policy, tuition refunds are not available except under extenuating circumstances, such as severe injury or long-lasting family emergency.  Please see the Studio Director if such a potential need occurs.

Withdrawal from Classes:  DanceXpressions requires a 30 day notice of withdrawal from class (es), except under extenuating circumstances.  In order to keep track of business, a notice of withdrawal from class (es) must be received via written letter or email, but not as a verbal communication or text.

Class Cancellations

Snow or Bad Weather:   The studio will usually follow the Orange County Public Schools decision on class cancellation for bad weather. Please look on Facebook- or call the studio after 3:00 p.m. for a recording on class status. DanceXpressions also reserves the right to cancel classes at our discretion due to weather or unusual circumstances.  Any classes that are missed or canceled may be made-up according to our make-up policy.

Holidays:   The studio will be closed for the following Holidays: Halloween (October 31st), Thanksgiving (Nov. 23-26), Winter Break (December 22- Jan 2, 2017), Spring Break (April 10-15) and Memorial Day (May 29).

Additional Dance Opportunities

Private Lessons:  Private lessons are available and encouraged for students of all levels.  One on one time allows students to progress much faster and to correct concerns specific to their individual dance education.  Please ask at the front desk for available private lesson times.  The hourly rate for all instructors is $60.00, payable to the studio.  Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to lesson.

Master Classes/Dance Conventions:  DanceXpressions may offer special classes, taught by current dance masters throughout the year.  Such classes will be made available and open to all students within that class level.  Any such master classes and dance conventions are optional and come with additional fees.

Competition/Performance:  DanceXpressions offers many opportunities for performing and for competition.  Please see the Studio Director for that separate information and additional policies.

Spring Recital:   DanceXpressions will hold one recital each spring.  Recital participation is not mandatory, but it is highly encouraged.  Students not wishing to participate in recital must inform the studio at the time of registration.

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