DXPPAC 2023-24 Dress Code

The DanceXpressions dress code is designed to be simple and cost effective for families.  There are specific color leotards, tights and dance shoes based on the level of your child’s class.

Here are family guidelines with regards to dress code:

  • Students must be dressed in the color leotard of their level, except for DXPPAC Company members, who may wear black or royal blue. (Students not on Company and/or not in Level 4 should not wear black or royal blue leotards.)
  • Dress code, including shoes should be purchased within 30 days of enrollment.
  • Ballet levels 1 and up may not wear dance dresses or skirts so that instructors may view the dancer’s hip line for better instruction.
  • Dance shoes should not be worn outside and will not be allowed on the dance studio floor if seen worn outside.

Please see the Studio Director with any questions.

Girls’/Women’s Dress Code:

Ballet class requirements:


DXPPAC Company- all classes:  Black, royal blue, or level color leotard

Sweet & Sassy and Grace & Groove:

Ages 3-5 – pink leotard

Level Classes and Homeschool classes:

Level 1 or 1A- lavender/lilac leotard

Level 1B and Teen/Adult- burgundy leotard

*Adults may wear fitness wear to Ballet class if clothes are not oversized.

Level 2- navy leotard

Level 3- purple leotard

Level 4 and 5- black leotard


All ballet classes: Ballet Pink tights (transitional are preferred, but not required, for levels 1-4, as they allow bare feet at times.)

Homeschool and Grace & Groove classes: Ballet Pink tights for class; Tan tights (not nylons) will be needed for recital, but are not necessary for class (for the lyrical choreography)


Sweet & Sassy:  Pink ballet shoes and Black patent leather tap shoes

Grace & Groove:  Pink split sole ballet shoes and tan split sole jazz boots (non-tie)

All other Ballet classes: Pink split sole ballet shoes

Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/Contemporary, and Praise classes:


Same as the ballet levels above

If the dancer is in Praise class only, the leotard should be the same as Level 1A (lavender or lilac)  Tights

All class levels: Tan tights (not nylons)- transitional is recommended


Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary and Praise:  Tan Jazz boots/shoes (non-tie) (Lyrical/Contemporary Levels 3B+ will primarily work with no shoes, however, some shoe may be necessary for turn sequences)

Tap Levels 1A-2A: Black split sole tap shoes (tie or non-tie ok)

Tap Levels 2B+: Black tap shoes or Chloe and Mauds as preferred

Shorts, dance Skirts or Dance/Yoga Leggings:

Shorts, Dance Skirts and/or dance/yoga leggings are allowed in these classes.  (Please still wear tights or thin socks so that shoes are not worn on bare feet as they will cause blisters on the heel.)

Hip Hop and Stretch and Conditioning:

Current dress code of the day or appropriate fitness/yoga wear (Jeans and inappropriate graphic t-shirts will not be allowed)


Hip Hop- all levels: Black dance sneakers or black sneakers with good arch support used only for hip hop (not worn outside- they can be kept at the studio if the student’s name is in the shoe)

Stretch and Conditioning:  no shoes


         Any color leotard except black or royal blue or any color/style biketard or unitard

Leggings are allowed (shorts are not allowed due to spotting safety)

No 2-piece sets are allowed due to spotting safety

No tights

No shoes

Boys’/Men’s Dress Code:

Ballet, Lyrical/Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Tap or Jazz/Lyrical Company Classes- All levels:

Black dance or fitness/sweatpants (appropriate length please)

White or studio t-shirt

Shoes: same as above except black ballet shoes

Hip Hop and Acrobatics:

Fitness/Gym clothes (no jeans or inappropriate t-shirt graphics/sayings)


Hip Hop- Black Dance Sneakers

Acrobatics: bare feet

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