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To develop each student to their greatest potential using quality instruction and encouragement.

It is the mission of DanceXpressions to provide an encouraging, positive, high quality instructional environment for all, so that they may develop talent and skills in dance, song, and praise, while sharing their gifts with others.  We believe that every child, every teenager, and every adult deserves to flourish and grow in a well structured, disciplined, healthy performing arts environment.   Our instructors are highly trained in dancing instruction.  They recognize natural talents, encourage growth in areas of strength, and to help develop powerful skills in areas of weakness.   Each and every student is our top priority.  Each and every student should feel special.

We at DanceXpressions also believe in sharing ones’ unique gifts and talents with others, in class, through performances, through volunteer opportunities, as dancing instruction assistants, or simply through every day interaction with others.  Whether through an incredibly performed dance routine, a moving song, mentorship of a younger student, encouraging words, before-performance prayer, or just a bright smile, at DanceXpressions dance studio, we give back in thanks for the blessings we receive.



The DanceXpressions vision is to use a service-driven performing arts environment to educate dancers and to incorporate life lessons and personal growth into the joy of movement, using God’s love to light the path.

Dance and performing arts education, like any sport, provides numerous opportunities for personal and emotional growth.    Through professional dance and vocal class instruction, positive motivational and teaching methods,  numerous opportunities to  perform, and through helping your dancer navigate normal classroom activities, DanceXpressions becomes a partner in your student’s everyday development.   The caring, community-aware, and service-driven environment within DanceXpressions dance studio is designed to raise ones’ spirits.  It creates unique opportunities for us to team with parents in helping students to learn, grow, and develop as human beings, not just as dancers.   DanceXpressions provides excellent dancing instruction, presented in an environment of God’s love.


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