DXPPAC 2021 Dress Code

The DanceXpressions dress code is designed to be simple and cost effective for families.  If enrolled in one class, students should wear the color consistent with that level class.  If enrolled in multiple classes with varying levels, Students should wear, for all dance classes, the leotard color consistent with their ballet class level.

Students without appropriate attire and most especially shoes will be asked to observe class at the instructors’ discretion as dancing without proper attire and shoes can increase chances or injury as well as decrease the ability of instructors to appropriately correct technique.

(Students enrolled in multiple level classes may wear the colors associated with those levels, but they are not required to do so per this dress code.)

Please see the Studio Director with any questions.

Girls’/Women’s Dress Code:

Combination Classes:

                  Ages 3-5 and Shining Stars- pink leotard

                 Ages 5-8- light blue leotard

Level Classes:

         Level  1 or 1A- lavender/lilac leotard

         Level 1B and Teen- burgundy leotard

         Level 2- navy leotard

         Level 3- purple leotard

         Level 4 and 5- black leotard

DXPPAC Company- All members, regardless of level:  Black leotard

DXPPAC Performance Ensemble (non-Company):  Royal Blue leotard regardless of level

The following classes may wear any color leotard:

  • Irish, Technique/ Stretch classes, Acrobatics/Tumbling classes, DXPPAC Company and Performance Ensemble rehearsals

The following classes do NOT require a leotard and may wear appropriate fitness wear (no jeans, street clothes or inappropriate graphics on T-shirts):

  • Praise Dance, Hip Hop, Adult classes, Musical Theatre Company, Acting, Vocal classes

Girls’ additional dress code items:


All ballet classes and Special Needs ages 3-8:        Ballet pink tights, footed or transitional

All other style dance classes:          Tan tights**, footed or transitional

Dance Shorts, dance skirts or dance leggings are allowed for all classes except ballet levels 1-5.

Dance Shoes:

  • Ballet: Pink Ballet shoes (split sole ballet shoes required for levels 1A and above)
  • Lyrical/contemporary classes: Canvas “Turners” (Also known as Lyrical shoes, Half-shoes or Twylas)- color should match skin-tone to the best extent possible
  • Jazz and Praise dance classes: Black slip-on jazz shoes*** (also known as “jazz boot”)
  • Tap classes:
    •  Ages 3-7 classes- Patent leather beginner tap shoes (Velcro closure recommended for faster change times);
    • Levels 1A and above- Black split sole tap shoes****
  • Technique classes: jazz, ballet or contemporary shoes
  • Irish Dance: Black soft (Gillies)or hard Irish dance shoes depending on level
  • Hip Hop and Musical Theatre Company class: Black dance sneakers
  • Stretch classes:  bare feet, jazz, hip hop or lyrical shoes
  • Acrobatics/Tumbling– no shoes

 Boys’/Men’s Dress Code:

Ballet, Lyrical/Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Irish, Tap Ensemble or Jazz/Lyrical Company Classes- All levels:

  • Black dance or fitness/sweatpants (appropriate length please)
  • White or studio t-shirt
  • Shoes: same as above except black ballet shoes

         *        Irish dancers will need black tights for recital.

**     DXPPAC Company and Performance Ensemble classes require specific brand shoes and tights.

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